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For decades sharks have been maligned and misunderstood. As a consequence, they are slaughtered at a rate of 70 million a year; often hunted for their tails and fins to appease a growing appetite for soup related delicacies around the world…

Today, we should not only value sharks for their pragmatic importance, but recognize that they reside at the top of a fragile eco system and play a vital role in maintaining balance throughout our oceans.

Through creativity, education and awareness White Mike takes a stand against the rampant abuse and ‘finning’ of sharks in our oceans. Aided by fellow preservationists, Shark Spotters, Earth Echo and Wild Aid; they quest in efforts to cast aside fears long embedded by a societal culture, and awaken us to the wonder of these amazing animals with new eyes, so they may thrive in our oceans once again.


White Mike is proud to debut a line of limited edition tees stylishly designed to raise awareness and support the mission against the abuse of sharks in our oceans. Produced with the earth in mind, eco friendly, organic materials help set the standard of quality for this emerging brand.

Peering into the depths, Muller delivers spectacular insight through the photo lens. His remarkable images dispel the aged myth of sharks as mindless monsters, while fostering a poignant portrayal of their true nature. Printed in the USA, in limited quantity on premium apparel, each tee was designed using Michael’s amazing images.

Pledge your support by pre-ordering a shirt today, for every item sold, White Mike shall donate a percentage of profit to furthering the goal of keeping sharks safe in our oceans.

Together we can make a difference.

Respect. Preserve. Protect.